Buyers Inspection

Buyers Inspection

When you hire a licensed Home Inspector you are hiring a professional who has training and experience in the construction industry. It's the home inspectors job to evaluate the structural integrity and major systems to make sure everything is working together properly or identify areas that need to be watched, replaced, or repaired.

Your home inspector gives you a Big Picture view of the home you are purchasing. They check every part of the house that's accessible and deal with all components. If the inspector identifies anything that needs a more thorough investigation they might recommend an appropriate professional. This might be a licensed contractor or an engineer of some type. These occurrences are rare as they can be expensive.

My home inspection service is a non-invasive inspection of the system and structure which are accessible. This typically includes:

1. Structural Components

2. Foundation

3. Plumbing

4. Electrical

5. Heating/Air Conditioning

6. Insulation/Ventilation

7. Interiors/Appliances

8. Doors and Windows

9. Roofing

10. Fireplace

Buying a house can be overwhelming. Make sure your investment is sound and sleep well knowing your house has been thoroughly gone over and inspected by a licensed Texas born Home Inspector. Call today for any questions or to schedule your buyers inspection!