New Construction in Houston Inspection

Additional Information

The construction of a house involves many people of various trades all working together and communicating to build your home. There are often called Phase Inspections but refer to all new construction in Houston. 

Typically there is a construction manager which coordinates everything and everyone. The project is too big for him to do it all so he sub-contracts out work. Sometimes the group that is contracted to do the work is either inexperienced,  lazy, or incompetent and the work suffers. Improper flashings, faucets put on backwords, a stud sticking through the wall(see picture!), and a host of other possibilities. 

Now you might be saying "But wait, there are state inspectors who inspect the house first!". That might be true but they are overwhelmed to say the least and get a very short amount of time with your home and are not able to perform a proper inspection. 

A home that has been lived in for years will show the obvious defaults like the garbage disposal drain not being hooked up or undersized wiring. Being a brand new house nothing has been used yet. There is no way tell if everything has been installed correctly. By hiring a home inspector you've found someone to go through your new home and test out every door, flush every toilet, sleep in every bed(Ok, not really), run the shower, check that the hot water is not too hot, and so much more!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection please call or text us at 281-803-8883