One Year Warranty Inspection

Builders warranties vary greatly so it's important to learn what's covered

Even in brand new homes things can go wrong. 

The construction manager has the task of making sure everything gets completed so your house will be livable. His group can only handle so many tasks so he subcontracts out jobs to other companies. Sometimes due to poor communication, not having specialized knowledge of new construction, or not having the right tools for the job, the work suffers. 

These mistakes can range from over notching of studs, improperly installed or missing flashing, or a joist sticking through your wall and painted over. Mistakes are not always apparent at first. Sometimes it takes a awhile for problems to manifest. When you live with someone it might take awhile to notice that they drink orange juice right from the carton(get a glass you maniac!) or when you buy a new car it takes time to notice the squeaky belt. BONUS POINTS: The picture to the right is of a washer/dryer room. Can you spot what is missing?

Most new build houses come with a builders warranty of atleast 1 year. Check with your builder to see your policy and learn what is covered and what is not. Often the builder will repair defects found within the first year but what if you do not know how to describe what the issue is or worse, what if you do not know what it is that is causing the problem in the first place?! There's nothing more frustrating than trying to explain to someone a noise that you cannot describe. 

By hiring a home inspector to perform your one year warranty inspection, sometimes called an 11th month inspection in Houston, you will receive a professional report with pictures of any defects to provide to the builder to have corrected. Your inspector can answer any questions or concerns you have and put your mind at ease. 

If this sounds right for you or if you have any questions please call or text us at 281-803-8883