Inspection Preparation Tips

Clean and remove excess articles and objects from inspection entry points

This includes stoves, closets, attic, basement/crawlspace, backyard, garage, electrical panel, water heater, etc

Test the items the home inspector will most likely operate

Open every window, close every door, operate your stove, flip every light switch to be sure everything is in working order

Take general security and safety precautions

Plan to have your pets put up even if they are nice as they can be distracting, make sure to have a fire extinguisher, test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, remove any pests

Make necessary repairs

Replace light bulbs, cracked or misaligned receptacle switches, adjust doors, balance fans, have your fireplace cleaned, sheetrock patched, tighten up leaky pipes, and anything else that requires your attention

Make last minute preparations for your inspection

Plan to leave your house an hour early, take your pets, leave any necessary keys and remotes along with a note describing what they are for. Make sure utilities are on, any paperwork of repairs or of relevance to the home/inspection is left for the inspector, and clear the sink of dishes. Inspection preparation is important to make sure everything is ready to be operated and the house is free of dangerous obstructions and trip hazards for the Inspector.