Pre-Listing Inspection

Sellers Inspection

Should I have my home pre-inspected? Also known as a sellers inspection. 

The buyer will certainly hire their own home inspector but should you get one first? The short answer is - it’s up to you - but here are some pros and cons to consider:


1) You find out what kind of condition your house is in

The best part of having your home inspected is knowing what shape your house is in. What needs repair, what needs to be replaced, painted, caulked, etc.

2) You have the ability to make repairs

With the inspection report in your hands you can decide which items you would like to fix and have the time to perform them. 

3) It will lower your stress level

There is no need to worry about fixing everything before the grace period runs out nor loosing sleep over fear that the buyer’s inspection will find a major defect.

4) Improve the buyer’s confidence

When a buyer is interested in a property she has a lot of decisions to make without much knowledge of the home. The ability to present her with a pre-listing inspection will make her more confident that you are a serious seller and have nothing to hide.

5) It will lessen the chance of renegotiating later

After the buyer’s inspection has been performed, and defects have been found, is a common time for the buyer to manipulate the deal. This is because the buyer assumes the seller is unaware or worse, hiding the defects and the seller wants financial compensation in the form of money off the total price or for the seller to fix some defects. With a pre-inspection you already have your cards on the table!

6) You can price the home more accurately 

List your home’s price to reflect the location and condition with the paperwork to back it up



1) You will have to pay for the Inspection

Take this into consideration

2) You may have to disclose any issues in the inspection

If the report reveals any major defects you might be required to show any potential buyer. Talk to your realtor for more information

3) There will be two inspections of your home

Whether you get one or not the buyer probably will 

If you think a pre-listing inspection is right for you or if you have any questions please call us at 281-803-8883.