ReInspection Services

What is a re-inspection?

Ok, you've had a home inspection performed, handed the results to the builder, he's performed the repairs, now what? How do you verify he completed the job? If it was wrong to begin with how can you trust it was fixed correctly? 

These are common questions that can be answered in one simple phrase - a reinspection! One way to be sure the defects noted in the home inspection report that the builder agreed to fix is to get your home inspector to verify it in written form with pictures. In the unlikely event you will need to go to court you will look like you have your act together when you bring in a re-inspection report showing you did everything you could and have documents showing the recommendations and what was actually fixed. We are your one stop shop to verify repairs in Houston and the surrounding areas!

If you think a re-inspection is right for you or if you have any questions please call or text us at 281-803-8883