Phase Inspection

Set phasers to stun!

Having a new home built is exciting! There are permits to pull, crews to hire, plans to go over, and a few different phases of building. 

First phase is the pre-pour phase. This is after the soil tests have been done and your foundation has been dug and everything is in place but they have not poured the foundation yet. Your home inspector will come and check for proper drainage, correct spacing of post-tension cables, plumbing pipes, etc.. 

Second phase is called the pre-drywall phase. This is where the mechanicals have been roughed in(typically HVAC, water heater), the electricity and plumbing have been installed in the wall cavities, the general structure has been finished. We will look for proper fire-guards, flashing, metal stud covers for electrical wires, no excessive dryer vent length(max 25'), etc..

Third phase is right before the house is going to be occupied and is like a normal home inspection. We go through your new home top to bottom to make sure we do not miss anything and of course write a full report with pictures and recommendations.

Phase inspections are important because any defects found become harder to correct the more the house is completed. Typically these are pre purchase inspections but we can accomodate all your needs, for example If you have ripped out your drywall because of a flood or other reasons. If you have any questions or need a phase inspection please call or text us at 281-803-8883